SIAscopy Procedure
  • In order to have SIAscopy (a skin lesion scan) done, although not required, a referral from your Family Physician or a Doctor is recommended.
  • Please show up clean.
  • Suspicious Mole Staff will scan up to four(4) skin lesions per appointment.
  • The scans will be sent through a secure cloud (DermSecure™) to a Team of Dermatologists, who will assess you skin lesion(s) and results will be provided back to you and your Physician within 72 hours.
  • If further assessment or treatment is required, you will be notified, and arrangements will be made to have you see a Dermatologist for further assessment and treatment.
  • Results within 72 hours.
  • No need to wait months to be seen by Dermatologist to find out if your lesion is cancerous or not (we hope not!)
  • Gain faster access to treatment if malignant (cancerous)
  • The Team at Suspicious Mole will be in touch with your results and any next steps that may need to take place which may include an in person appointment with a Dermatologist.

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