Quick Assessment, Faster Diagnosis, Peace of Mind!

Advantages to Physicians & Patients

  • Rapid assessment of moles & skin lesions
  • Results within 72Hrs.
  • Non-invasive, Not painful
  • Dermatologist Directed reporting back to Patient & Physician
  • Takes the guess work out of Diagnosis
  • More accurate diagnosis
  • Scans moles up to a depth of 2mm
  • Provides 5 different images for use in diagnosis
          • Dermatoscopic,
          • Hemoglobin,
          • Pigmentation,
          • Dermal Pigmentation
          • Collagen
          • Reduces need for biopsies
          • Covered by most insurance policies
          • Service does not negate Dermatologists.

      Rapid Access to Ontario Dermatologists!

SIAscope Views

Dermatoscopic View
SIAscope Dermatoscopic View

Melanin View

Dermal Melanin View

Hemoglobin View

Collagen View

Wait times to see a Dermatologist are Long, yet Skin Cancer is on the rise!

Suspicious Mole™ is here to painlessly burrow in (without burrowing) to analyze your moles and skin lesions to quickly and painlessly unearth their true nature.

The Technology

  • Uses a very specialized Camera to take pictures of your mole up up to 2mm depth
  • This provides us with 5 different images:
    • Dermatoscopic
    • Hemoglobin
    • Pigmentation
    • Dermal Pigmentation
    • Collagen
  • Images are then assessed by an Ontario Dermatologist who completes the full dermatological assessment.
  • Results within 72 hours.

Commited to your safety


Why SIAscopy (Skin Scan)

  • Reduce the worry of skin lesions and skin cancer by making an appointment at Suspicious Mole™ Scan Your Mole or Skin Lesion Today!
  • No more waiting 6 to 18 months to be seen by a Dermatologist to find out if your mole or skin lesion is something to worry about. Book your appointment and be seen in less than one month from the time that you book your appointment!
  • Results of you scan are ready within 72 hours!
  • More accurate assessment of skin lesions such as moles as the SIAscpoe scans 2mm underneath the surface of the skin. Taking 5 different images (Dermatoscopic, Hemoglobin, Pigmentation, Dermal Pigmentation, & Collagen), important for accurate assessment of the lesion without taking a biopsy.  This reduces the need for biopsies.
  • Supports you with your next steps.
  • No more worrying if that mole or skin lesion is harmful or cancerous! Make an appointment and get scanned at Suspicious Mole™ today!

SIAscopy Procedure

  • In order to have SIAscopy (a skin lesion scan) done, although not required, a referral from your Family Physician or a Doctor is recommended.
  • Please show up clean.
  • Suspicious Mole Staff will scan up to four(4) skin lesions per appointment.
  • The scans will be sent through a secure cloud (DermSecure) to a Team of Dermatologists, who will assess you skin lesion(s) and results will be provided back to you and your Physician within 72 hours.
  • If further assessment or treatment is required, you will be notified, and arrangements will be made to have you see a Dermatologist for further assessment and treatment.
  • Results within 72 hours.
  • No need to wait months to be seen by Dermatologist to find out if your lesion is cancerous or not (we hope not!)
  • Gain faster access to treatment if malignant (cancerous)
  • The Team at Suspicious Mole™ will be in touch with your results and any next steps that may need to take place which may include an in person appointment with a Dermatologist.
Skin lesion beins scanned with SIAscope

Privacy & Security


 Suspicious Mole™ is committed to maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.  Our Privacy policies are compliant with all Canadian privacy and confidentiality laws and regulations.  Suspicious Mole™ works with “MedX” the makers of the SIAscope (special camera used to scan moles and skin lesions) who uses their own platform DermSecure who deploys the latest in security measures, engages in rigorous third-party threat testing and real time monitoring.


With Referral from a Physician:

  • $155
  • Most insurance policies cover this Diagnostic Assessment with Doctor’s referral.
  • Tax deductible as a healthcare expense.

Without Referral from Physician:

  • $240
  • Tax deductible as a healthcare expense
  • Some insurance policies may cover without referral.

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Reduce the worry of skin lesions and skin cancer by making an appointment at Suspicious Mole™. Scan Your Mole or Skin Lesion Today!

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