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Suspicious Mole™ For Dermatologists

  • Are you concerned about trying to evaluate skin and moles using cell phone photos? This if inaccurate and unprofessional, not to mention the privacy and data security risks involved, potentially increasing Liability for the Dermatologist, this must stop!
  • Would you like a better experience for your patients?
  • Want to assess moles and skin lesions efficiently and effectively from the comfort of your home or office computer?
  • Getting poor quality images sent/emailed to you for assessment by patients?
  • Frustrated or worried about the liability of diagnosing a skin lesion or mole through poor quality pictures?
  • Worried about the mole you looked at on your patient that looks benign, may be malignant?
  • Worried that the patient you just looked at with a suspicious mole may require a biopsy and treatment sooner than later?
  • Frustrated that the ever-increasing wait times (since pandemic 9-18 months) for assessment may cause your patient, delayed care?


We have a solution for you and your patients!

Faster, More Efficient Assessments & Diagnosis, Providing Quicker Access to Care!

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Provides 5 different images for use in diagnosis

SIAscope Dermatoscopic View

Dermatoscopic View of Mole


Melanin View

Dermal Melanin View

Hemoglobin View

Collagen View

Advantages to Patients, Physicians and Dermatologists

  • Rapid assessment of moles (*soon to come, assessment of skin lesions)
  • Results withing 72Hrs.
  • Non-invasive, Not painful
  • Dermatologist Directed reporting back to Patient & Physician
  • Takes guess work out of diagnosing difficult to diagnose moles
  • High Quality Images with fixed lighting and focal point
  • More accurate diagnosis
  • Scans moles up to a depth of 2mm
  • Provides 5 different images for use in diagnosis
    • Dermatoscopic,
    • Hemoglobin,
    • Pigmentation,
    • Dermal Pigmentation
    • Collagen
  • Reduces need for biopsies to diagnose skin cancers
  • All Scans stored on DermSecure website for 10 years
  • Covered by most third party insurance policies
  • OHIP continues to pay for all other medical services required for treatment of lesions or cancer.

Plan of care directed by Patient’s Dermatologist.

Why refer moles and skin lesions to Suspicious Mole?

Suspicious Mole™ reduces the wait time of having moles and skin lesions (*lesion scanning coming soon!) assessed within one month or less with the results available to patients within 72 hours.


How does the service work?

Patients are seen by RN or RPN trained in assessing skin and using the Dermal SIAscope technology to assess and scan the suspicious moles or lesions (*lesion scanning coming soon!).

Once the mole is assessed and scanned by Suspicious Mole™ staff it is then uploaded to DermSecure™, a secure cloud where it is stored.  Once on the DermSecure™ cloud server, the images are assessed by Ontario Dermatologists.

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