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Skin lesion beins scanned with SIAscope
Skin lesion being scanned with SIAscope

Quick Assessment, Faster Diagnosis, Peace of Mind!

Suspicious Mole™

Wait times to see a Dermatologist are Long, yet Skin Cancer is on the rise!

In 2019 according to the Canadian Dermatology Association, Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer is the most common form of skin cancer (includes basal cell carcinoma & squamous cell carcinoma) once found and treated people with this have a high survival rate.

Melanoma Skin Cancer is now the 7th most cancer in Canada as per the Canadian Dermatology Association.  Although less common than other forms of skin cancer, it is a serious and potentially fatal form.

As of the most recent statistics (*2019) from the Canadian Medical Association there is a total of 634 Dermatologists in Canada to a population of almost 38 million Canadians with potential forms of various dermatological conditions and potential skin cancers; Suspicious Mole™ is here to help, so that Canadians can have their skin lesions assessed sooner, obtain faster diagnosis and access treatment sooner!

Suspicious Mole™ is here to painlessly burrow in (without burrowing) to analyze your moles & skin lesions to quickly and painlessly unearth their true nature.  All of this is done non-invasively using a very specialized camera that takes a special pictures of your moles and lesions to a depth of 2mm, providing Dermatologists an in depth picture of your lesion, providing more accurate diagnosis while reducing the need for biopsies.

Our staff will scan your lesions and assist with obtaining you a follow-up appoint for further assessment or treatment where required.


 Quick Assessment, Faster Diagnosis, Peace of Mind!



Skin lesion beins scanned with SIAscope

SIAscope in use


To provide quick, patient-centered, high quality assessments that result in faster diagnosis and treatment of skin lesions


To provide Ontarians faster access to Dermatological assessments and to attain the Gold Standard of care.

Our goal is to be the preferred choice of a Dermatological assessment centre to Canadians, Family Physicians and Dermatologists.


The 5 A’s

  • Accessible
  • Available
  • Amicable
  • Accountable
  • Affordable

 Key Operating Principles

  • Patients seen within 4 weeks or less of referral (timely appointments, rapid assessment)
  • Reports to Patients/Doctor/Dermatologist within 72 hours.
  • High Quality Images
  • Assessments carried out by RPN’s and RN’s
  • Canadian Dermatologist Directed

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Suspicious Mole™